The tour to the big island of Zapatera is an unique adventure. Zapatera Island is a Nicaraguan indigenous shrine. In the sanctuary; the priests, sculptors and the Indian military was instructed; as proof of this are the more than 100 statues that were found on the island of which 25 are in the San Francisco Museum in Granada.

On Zapatera Island is located the famous petroglyphs square, where is the major quantity of petroglyphs in Central America in just one place. The square measures 80 meters long by 20 meters wide approximately. It is fantastic!
Different archaeological thesis said that is an astronomical observatory, an oracle or the Chorotegas historical testimony.

The flora and fauna, landscapes, archeology and the eco-tourist Hotel Bahia Zapatera will make the island an unique tourist destination.

Also the hotel offers an all- inclusive package for two days and one night. The bungalows have their bathroom with a double bed and a bunk bed, they are spacious and with a beautiful view from the room. The price includes water transport by boat from the hotel of Granada-Zapatera. It is taken at the Marina Cocibolca Asese in Granada.

Zapatera Island: a tourist destination for lovers from anywhere in the world

Mike and Anne Howard, visited Zapatera Island for four days as part of their adventure "the longest honeymoon in the world", started in 2012 and concluded in 2017 with the publication of a book

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1 day Tour 2 day Tour
Tourist guide check check
Visit to the  “Tesoro Escondido Indigena” lagoon check check
Visit to the “Isla del Muerto” square of petroglyphs check check
Relax at the Bay check check
Lunch buffet ** check check
Dinner   check
Room with bathroom   check
Breakfast   check
Boat trip through the Zapatera Archipelago   check
Visit to the “Jesus Grande” island   check
2 people U$ 170.00 U$ 296.00
4 people U$ 300.00 U$ 512.00
6 people U$ 348.00 U$ 696.00
8 people U$ 436.00 U$ 872.00

To confirm reservations:
Payments should be three days in advance (100%). To the following Banpro bank account in USD #10022410002852 in the name of Rafael Córdova Álvarez.